Create PayPal “Buy Now” Buttons

Create PayPal Buy Button

To create a “Buy Now” button in PayPal and start making money with your website, you first need to setup a premier or business account at PayPal. Both of them are free.

After registration you automatically receive a “Secure Merchant Account ID” which you will find under “My Account” > “Profile”.
On the other hand, you can also register one or more email addresses to use as your PayPal identification.

PayPal accounts in DLINX

In DLINX you can register as much PayPal accounts as you like. As the provider you simply choose PayPal and for the username you enter either your PayPal “Secure Merchant Account ID” or one of your PayPal email addresses.

PayPal Secure Merchant Account ID

When creating the "Buy Now" button, you should take special care that you have entered an Item ID. Enter the "Item ID" in step 1 and the same number / product ID (can be letters) in DLINX. Also make sure that you use the same settings in DLINX which you have selected under “Merchant account IDs” (step 1).

PayPal Buy Now Button

When creating the “Download Link” in DLINX you will be asked to choose an account and to enter an external product ID. Enter exactly the same information here which you used for your "Buy Now" button, to have DLINX correctly associated with PayPal.

Create PayPal Download Link

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