Using DLINX to deliver files sold with PayDotCom

PayDotComPayDotCom is an affiliate management company which keeps track of affiliate payments which are paid for through PayPal.
PayDotCom has a market place for shoppers and vendors. Vendors products are placed in the market place free of charge after one sale is made.

Follow the steps below to create an automated file delivery system for PayDotCom with DLINX.

Step by step

  1. Setup your product
    1. Go to PayDotCom, Log In or create a new account
    2. Go to “My Products" > Create new or edit product
    3. Set up “Basic Product Settings”: Title, Description, Salespage URL for your affiliates and “Thank You”-Page URL. Don't check “Set Download Link expire”
      PayDotCom product settings
    4. Set up “Payment Settings”: Set the IPN URL to
      and enter an IPN Secret Code. Make sure you enter the same Secret-Key in PayDotCom and DLINX.
      PayDotCom product settings
      Secret Key
    5. Then, on your products overview page, click “Make Payment button” to grab your “Buy Now” HTML-Code.
      Button Code
  2. Sign In to DLINX or create a new account.
  3. Go to “Accounts”. Add your specified PayDotCom account, if not already done.
    1. PayDotCom: My Account > Your Profile > Your Member Profile.
      PayDotCom member account
    2. Enter the Username (Email address from PayDotCom) and choose PayDotCom as the Provider in your DLINX “Accounts” section.
      Add account
  4. Go to “Files” and add your File if not already done.
    Add file
  5. Go to “Download Links” and add a new one for this product.
    Create download link

Your “Download-Link” is now active and your file will be delivered automatically when a customer finished the checkout process.

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