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PayPalDLINX lets you easily create download liks for PayPal. If you have used PayPal once before to sell a digital product - a file - you will soon have wondered how the product will be sent to your customer. The answer usually is: manually by email. With DLINX you now have a convenient online service that does it all for you automatically.

In the admin backend of DLINX you can even choose whether your file will be sent directly as email attachment to your customers, or whether they get sent an expiring download link.

The following describes the steps to create an automated file delivery system for your digital PayPal products.

Sell a file with PayPal and deliver automatically

Step by step:

  1. Go to PayPal, Log In or create a new, free premier or business account.
  2. Create PayPal “Buy Now” button 
    1. Go to “Merchant Portal”, then under “PayPal Website Payments Standard” > “Key Features”, click “Buy Now Buttons”.
    2. Step 1: Enter product information. Note your “Item ID”, and your “Merchant Account” email address for later use in DLINX.
      Enter PayPal product information
    3. Step 3: Go to "Variables for advanced payment settings" at the bottom, click the checkbox and enter:
      This will notify DLINX when somebody buys your product.
      Enter notify URL for DLINX
    4. Then click on “Create Button”.
      PayPal now generated your HTML code, which you can insert in your website or blog.
      Button code
  3. Now go to DLINX and sign in or create a new account.
  4. Under “Accounts” add your PayPal account. Use the same email address which you have used to create your “By Now” button.
    Add account
  5. Go to “Files” and add your file if not already done. You can upload the file on the DLINX server or just link to it.
    Add file
  6. Go to “Download Links” and add a new one for this product. There you can make various settings and also create the e-mail message for your customers according to your ideas.
    Create download link
  7. Save and you are done!

Once someone now purchased your file using the PayPal “Buy Now” button, DLINX is notified. DLINX will verify the payment status and then automatically sends the file or download link to the customer.

All sales are saved in your “Reports” section. There you can export the data as for example customer name and email address as a CSV file and use it for a mailing list.

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