Create download links for Clickbank and protect your “Thank you” pages

WebUsing DLINX in conjunction with Clickbank will prevent someone from downloading your product illegally from your “Thank you” page.
Because you will use your Clickbank “Thank you” page merely to say thank you to your customer, and not providing the download link itself, it’s not possible to steal your file somehow or other.
DLINX handles the payment verification and the file delivery automatically for you in the background.

In the admin backend of DLINX you can even choose whether your file will be sent directly as email attachment to your customers, or whether they get sent an expiring download link.

The following describes the steps to create an automated file delivery system for your digital Clickbank products.

Sell a file with Clickbank and deliver automatically

Step by step:

  1. Sign In to DLINX or create a new account.
  2. Go to “Accounts”. Add your specified Clickbank account, if not already done. Enter the Username (Username from Clickbank) and choose Clickbank as the provider.
    Add account
  3. Go to “Files” and add your file if not already done.
    Add file
  4. Setup your product
    1. Go to Clickbank, Log In or create a new vendor account.
    2. Go to “Account Settings” > “My Site” and scroll down to “Advanced Tools”
    3. Hit “Edit” and modify the Secret Key and add DLINX's Instant Notification URL:
      Make sure you enter the same Secret Key in Clickbank and DLINX.
    4. Then go to “My Products” and add or edit a standard product.
      Add product
    5. That's it! your “Buy Now” Button Link will be: (as usual)
  5. Go to “Download Links” and add a new one for this product.
    Create download link

Your “Download-Link” is now active and your file will automatically be delivered when a customer finished the checkout process.

All sales are saved in your “Reports” section. There you can export the data as for example customer name and email address as a CSV file and use it for a mailing list.

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