Download Link for any File (and filesize)

Watch the video to learn how easy it is to create protected download links with DLINX for files of any size.

Create an Update Form

With DLINX you can create an “Update-Form” for your digital product and add it to your website.

An Update Form is simply a HTML form where a customer can get the actual version of your file by submitting his email address.

Create a PayPal Buy-Now Button in 1 Minute

Create PayPal “Buy Now” Buttons

Create PayPal Buy Button

To create a “Buy Now” button in PayPal and start making money with your website, you first need to setup a premier or business account at PayPal. Both of them are free.

After registration you automatically receive a “Secure Merchant Account ID” which you will find under “My Account” > “Profile”.
On the other hand, you can also register one or more email addresses to use as your PayPal identification.

DLINX Pricing

Compared to similar services on the internet, you don’t have to pay any sign up fees or other monthly fees.

Only when you have sold a product and already received the money from your payment provider, we will send your product to the customer.

For our secure file delivery service we will charge you 2% of the product price less any payment provider transaction fees.

How does DLINX work?

DLINX is an online service for vendors of single digital products. It uses the notification mechanisms (IPN) provided by payment processors, checks if the payment was completed successfully and then handles the file delivery. The files can be stored anywhere on the internet or uploaded on DLINX’s secure server.
There’s no need to insert a “Code-Snippet” on your sales or thank-you pages ever again.

Create download links for Clickbank and protect your “Thank you” pages

WebUsing DLINX in conjunction with Clickbank will prevent someone from downloading your product illegally from your “Thank you” page.
Because you will use your Clickbank “Thank you” page merely to say thank you to your customer, and not providing the download link itself, it’s not possible to steal your file somehow or other.
DLINX handles the payment verification and the file delivery automatically for you in the background.

Using DLINX to deliver files sold with PayDotCom

PayDotComPayDotCom is an affiliate management company which keeps track of affiliate payments which are paid for through PayPal.
PayDotCom has a market place for shoppers and vendors. Vendors products are placed in the market place free of charge after one sale is made.

Follow the steps below to create an automated file delivery system for PayDotCom with DLINX.

Create download link for PayPal

PayPalDLINX lets you easily create download liks for PayPal. If you have used PayPal once before to sell a digital product - a file - you will soon have wondered how the product will be sent to your customer. The answer usually is: manually by email. With DLINX you now have a convenient online service that does it all for you automatically.